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Notice of advance reservation for the official exhibition catalog

YUKIMASA IDA PANTA RHEI For as long as the world turns

Yukimasa Ida “Panta Rhei – For as long as the world turns” Official Catalogue

The official catalogue showcases around 350 exhibited works spread across 256 pages and photographs from the exhibition, available for pre-order on the website ahead of its release in mid-November.

This extravagant catalogue features the artworks in their entirety and others in situ, their presence highlighting the KYOCERA Museum of Art, one of Japan’s oldest art museums, presented in a B4 hardback.

There are 2 cover designs available: the regular edition with dynamic, brightly colored brushstrokes on the cover and a limited edition of only 600 copies. The limited edition cover features ≪Last Supper≫ (2022), a masterpiece work for which this was the first public exhibition, with the title and Yukimasa Ida’s signature on the reverse emblazoned in gold.

*The contents and price are the same for both cover designs.
*International shipping available on the site of ART RECTANGLE KYOTO.