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We are pleased to announce "Panta Rhei – For as long as the world turns", the first museum exhibition of Yukimasa Ida in Japan. The exhibition will travel, it will begin at the Yonago City Museum of Art (the artists hometown) from July 22, 2023, and move to the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art, from September 30, 2023.

Ida’s main concept of “ICHI-GO ICHI-E”, which means "a once in a lifetime moment" has been the primary focus of his practice. In this ever-changing world, things, events, and people disperse, yet are unknowingly connected, shaping the world today. People exist in the past and present, each having their own story. Ida's works are about gathering miraculous encounters of individuals and crystallizing them onto canvas based on the reality he captures.

The exhibition will feature his past painting and sculpture, including never seen works in Japan. The show will also present his "End of today" series, in which he uses as a picture diary, and his latest works. The exhibited works represent the trajectory of Ida’s life.

Visitors will be able to feel the two contradictories in Ida’s works "ever-changing things”, and “things never change", as it expands from dots to lines, and from lines to planes, flowing from the past to the future. We hope that this exhibition will provide you with an opportunity to appreciate Ida's powerful art, which is too, a once in a lifetime moment that can only be encountered at this time and place.

Artist statement for exhibition

Artist statement for exhibition

The title of the exhibition is "Panta Rhei (everything flows)", in relation to my personal and heartfelt emotions about art, life, and the ever-changing world.

During the unpreceded pandemic that shook the world, I was also working on shaping the exhibition and theme. Although there were many struggles last year, I gained a lot from the experience. In the midst, I rediscovered the preciousness of human connection from the experience of observing those bonds fade, and that come what may, art is eternal. Art has been supporting me, and will continue. Over the past ten years, I have traveled the world and continue to draw my ephemeral thoughts.

In this exhibition, I am presenting the works that have built who I am presently, as a person, and as an artist. This show is a representation for my oeuvre and holistic practice as an artist. Upon reflection, I have been painting with fervor throughout my career, constantly thinking seriously about who I am. I have been in love, not conscious of where this indelible passion gushes.

I am very honored to have the opportunity to present these works to each of you at Yonago, my hometown where I was born and grew up, and Kyoto, where I was inspired to live as an artist. Having a traveling exhibition in these two locations is like going back to my origins, of which I am still connected to these places by the strings of fate.

I look forward to having the honor of your attendance at this exhibition.

――― Yukimasa Ida


Ticket Information

Admission Advance
Note:2023.5.1 [mon] 10:00 ― 7.21. [fri] 23:59
Adults ¥1,300 ¥1,000
University / High school
¥900 ¥800
Up to junior high school students
and younger
※ Note:2023.5.1 [mon] 10:00 ― 7.21. [fri] 23:59
  • Advance tickets for high school/university students are available only at Yonago City Museum of Art, LAWSON TICKET, Seven-Eleven Ticket, Ticket PIA, Rakuten Ticket, and eplus.
  • Advance rate (¥1,000) will be applied for visitors with disabilities and one accompanier (Disabled Person's Handbook or an equivalent form of government-issued identification will be required, and groups of 15 or more.
  • The following persons receive a ¥100 discount on on-site admission fees (Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts)
    Those aged 70 and over / Yonago City Museum of Art Supporters' Association / Friends of Yonago City Museum of History / Yonago City FEEL members (membership card required) / Those with Tottori Museum Network membership museum ticket or annual pass, Tottori or Shimane prefecture Childcare Support Pass
  • Tickets available through: 《Nationwide》LAWSON TICKET (L Code_61588), Seven-Eleven Ticket, Ticket PIA (P Code_686-445), Rakuten Ticket, eplus
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    《Sakaiminato》Yumeminato Tower, Sakaiminato Tourist Information Center, Sakaiminato Civic Center - Minato Terrace
    《Kurayoshi》Kurayoshi Museum, Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Mirai Chushin
    《Tottori》Tottori Prefectural Museum (Museum Shop), Torigin Bunka Kaikan
    《Yasugi》Yasugi City Tourism Exchange Plaza, ARTEPIA Yasugi General Culture Hall
    《Matsue》Shimane Civic Center Ticket Counter, Matsue Terrsa 2nd floor Secretariat

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Yukimasa Ida was born in 1990 in Tottori prefecture, Japan. He graduated in 2019 with a Masters in Oil Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts. In 2016, Ida won the CAF Special Jury Award. In 2017, he participated in the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala as the youngest artist among many international artists. In 2018, he was selected as one of Forbes JAPAN's 30 UNDER 30 JAPAN. As his collaboration with Dior in 2021 has shown, his accomplishments are multifaceted. His medium is not limited to painting, but includes sculpture and screen prints, exhibited globally. Major solo exhibitions include King of limbs (Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan), Here and Now (Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Chicago, 2021), YUKIMASA IDA visits PABLO PICASSO (Picasso birthplace Museum, Malaga, 2022), and Now is Gone (Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Paris, 2022).

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Tottori Exhibition


22nd Jul. 2023
- 27th Aug. 2023

Closed: Wednesday


Yonago City Museum of Art

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(Last Admission: 17:30)


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Kyoto Exhibition


30th Sep. 2023
- 3rd Dec. 2023

Closed: Monday (except public holidays)


Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art,
Main Building (South Wing) 2F

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(Last Admission: 17:30)


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